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Global Energy Forecasts: EnerFuture

Global and country-level energy forecasts to 2050.

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Global Energy Forecasts: EnerFuture

EnerFuture provides energy projections to 2050. Our service offers clear insight into the future of energy demand, electricity generation, prices and GHG emissions by energy source and sector at both country and regional levels. The service provides a consistent set of data based on an exclusive and well proven modelling methodology.

A useful tool to assess the evolution and drivers of energy markets worldwide, EnerFuture will help you define your business' strategic decisions.


2023 Updates:

  • All scenarios consider the impacts of two game-changing crises: COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine.
  • The EnerBlue scenario has evolved based upon the latest NDCs (Nationally Determined Contributions)
  • Scenarios now better account for the role of heat pumps in the decarbonisation of low temperature processes in industry
  • Improved coverage of the district heat supply
  • Refined techno-economic approach of the different energy uses in the buildings sector
  • A new “Wedges” module was added to show a breakdown of the levers enabling to reduce emissions between two scenarios

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